TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2019


What is the most impressive achievement for your company this year?

In 2019, SilkAir continued to commit itself to delivering enjoyable and reliable travel experiences for customers. On the network front, SilkAir launched flights to Busan in May 2019, its first South Korean destination, paving the way for greater connectivity for travellers between Singapore and South Korea.

SilkAir also announced it will undergo a significant product upgrade as part of a multi-year programme which will ultimately see it merged into its parent airline, Singapore Airlines (SIA). The merger will eventually encompass a full re-branding of SilkAir as SIA, with the repainting of aircraft and adoption of SIA’s service delivery.

It is often said that an organisation is only as strong as its people. What investments have your company made in talent development this year?

SilkAir’s people development efforts are in line with the SIA Group’s banner of “Inspiring Passion in People”, a key pillar of the SIA Transformation Vision.

We believe that people are our greatest asset, and in 2019, we continued to increase opportunities for personal growth and development, build capabilities necessary for a future-ready workforce, and enhance the overall employee experience for the SIA Group as a whole.

With the aim of engaging and inspiring employees, SIA held a Learning & Innovation for Everyone (LIFE) event in January 2019, showcasing innovative ideas and applications of new technology along with inspiring talks from guest speakers.

What can your trade partners and customers look forward to in doing business with you in 2020?

SilkAir remains committed to consistently improving itself, ensuring quality services and offerings amid competition and changing landscapes. We will continue to strive for excellence and endeavour to make each customer’s journey “A Joy to Fly”.

Credits to Foo Chai Woo, Chief executive, SilkAir