TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2017 SilkAir


What has your company done in the past year to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers?

Customer service remains a crucial differentiator for SilkAir. We continue to place emphasis on the quality of service customers receive at all SilkAir touch points: pre-flight, onboard and post-flight.

What latest innovations in products and services has your organisation introduced this year?

We have just welcomed the first of 37 Boeing 737 Max 8s into the fleet on October 1, 2017. The new aircraft features upgraded cabin interiors with increased leg room and extra recline in the enhanced business class, a signature LED lighting system known as the Boeing Sky Interior that creates a relaxing atmosphere, sophisticated and welcoming cabin decor, charging ports and device holders to ensure a comfortable entertainment experience and updated menu offerings.

An organisation is only as good as its people, So how is your organisation investing in the next generation of leaders?

The organisation rotates its key team members every few years, to helm different positions within the organisation. Supplementary training aand customised mentorship programmes are also provided. Employees are encouraged to go for external courses and the company also sponsors individuals who wish to further pursue their interest in relevant fields.

Credits to Mohamed Rafi Mar, Vice President Commercial, SilkAir