TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2016 Star Cruises

Star Cruises

What has your company done in the past year to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers

Star Cruises is proud to have paved the way for the development of the Pearl River Delta as a major cruise hub with the homeport deployment of SuperStar Virgo at Guangzhou’s Nansha cruise terminal, creating a new market source and shifting the focus of the cruising industry to the Southern China cities. Together with the other key leading homeports across the region, we continue to advance these potential markets, offering all-year round deployments. As part of Star Cruises’ ongoing commitment towards Asia, we also announced the order of two “Global Class” cruise ships to be delivered between 2019 and 2020 to meet the growing demand in Asia.

What motivates you and your team to excel in all that you do?

At Star Cruises, despite our accomplishments, we do not rest on our laurels. We are proud to be an Asian-based company with more than 23 years of valuable experience in the cruise industry. As pioneers and trendsetters, we continue to strive to innovate and create new standards in providing a greater experience for all our guests. At the core of every Star Cruises voyage, we aspire to take the Asian hospitality to the next level and go beyond the norm to deliver an experience filled with the heartfelt warmth and friendliness that we Asians are renowned for.

What advice would you give to the next generation of tourism professionals who desire success in this trade?

There is indeed much opportunity for the next generation of tourism professionals to grow and succeed in the trade. In fact, we encourage young professionals to join us and be part of this dynamic and exciting industry.

Learn the ropes of the industry and get a deep understanding of the evolution of consumer behaviours and how the socioeconomic environment impacts the industry. With the right training, exposure and experience, I am confident upcoming and young tourism professionals will continue to grow and take the cruise industry to the next level.

Credits to Michael Goh, Senior vice president – sales, Star Cruises