TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2016 Banyan Tree Spa

Banyan Tree Spa

What has your company done in the past year to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers?

In the past year, we went beyond the spa product to advocate a lifestyle of wellness and healthy habits which benefit guests even after they leave the spa. We launched Wellness Retreats at selected properties, combining impeccable hospitality, award-winning Banyan Tree Spa experiences and culinary delights.

What motivates you and your team to excel in all that you do?

What motivates me and my team is our sincere dedication to deliver the quintessential spa experience and to surpass guest expectations each time. Therefore, we take great pride and joy to always excel in all that we do. At the same time, my team and I share a common belief in the Banyan Tree Spa brand and each team member sees it as a personal commitment and passion to perform and deliver our best.

What advice would you give to the next generation of tourism professionals who desire success in this trade?

My advice is to focus on customer experience, to inspect the intrinsic factors which guides decisions made by the customers – why do they travel, what do they want, where do they want to go, when do they plan to go. In this way, we stay relevant to their needs and are able to target them effectively.

Credits to Kingkarn Olarngarnjanin, Vice president/executive director – global operation, Banyan Tree Spa & Gallery