TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2015 Banyan Tree Spa

Banyan Tree Spa

What factors have enabled your company to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers, all these years?

Banyan Tree Spa strives to offer the best spa experiences through our therapists, products, treatments and ambience by remaining true to our Asian roots.

Focusing on a high-touch, low-tech approach coupled with the use of natural ingredients and aromatic oils, our exotic treatments are inspired by Asian traditions that have been passed through generations.

A Sanctuary for the Senses, every Banyan Tree Spa seeks to indulge the five senses from the moment the guest steps into the spa. Our spa therapists are formally trained with the art of touch based on the stringent curriculum of the accredited Banyan Tree Spa Academies.

As Asia’s leading spa operator, Banyan Tree Spa is known for its high standards of service within the spa industry. Heavy emphasis is placed on the consistency and quality of services to maintain our competitive edge as the top of mind brand among our guests.

What is the one most important business decision you have made this year?

This year we have launched two new brands – Cassia and Dhawa.

Cassia is a bold new proposition in the serviced apartment sector, offering stylish, cutting edge hotel residences for holidays and business travel. It offers incredible choice for families, friends and couples.

Dhawa, a mash-up of sophisticated architecture and local design chic, caters to the next generation of travellers who seek to up their quotient while enjoying a contemporary, fun and fab holiday.

Credits to Kanreuthai Roongraung, Vice president/executive director – global operations, Banyan Tree Spa and Gallery