TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2011 SilkAir


Biggest achievement last year?
Being inducted into the Hall of Fame was certainly a major milestone for SilkAir. We deeply appreciate the strong support from the trade that made this possible. 
On the financial front, we managed to sustain growth and positive operating results during a year that was punctuated by natural disasters, such as the volcanic ash and snowstorms in Europe, floods in Australia and earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. While SilkAir does not fly to these places, we do have significant feeder traffic to and from the Singapore Airlines network.  


The one goal for this year?
Very simply, to continue expanding our network in terms of both new destinations and more flights to current ones.  By year’s end, we will have added five new destinations to the SilkAir family, namely Pekanbaru (February), Kolkata (August), KohSamui (September), Bandung (October) and Changsha (October). The long-term prospects for air travel across Asia remain positive, and we are certainly gearing up for growth.   


What must travel consultants do to be of more value to you? 
Our partners play a vital role in offering value-added services, time savings and convenience to travellers. Just as is the case with airlines, their marketing and customer service approach will need to evolve to meet the needs of an increasingly complex and well-informed marketplace, from the sophisticated, IT-savvy and independent explorer, to the group traveller who just wants it all packaged and arranged.


To be the best in the field today, one must… 
Appreciate how hard it is to get to the top, but remember how much harder it is to stay there. This is a volatile and intensely competitive industry, and one has to be nimble, humble and always on the look-out for ways to do better and change the game. 


Credits to Mr Marvin Tan, CEO, SilkAir