TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2010 SilkAir


Which is harder, to get to the top or to stay on top? Why?
Definitely to stay on to. It is a constant process of evolving, adapting and improving to stay ahead of the competition. With every good result achieved, we cannot rest on our laurels and must continually strive to set the bar even higher.


Name one innovation we can expect from you in 2011.
SilkAir customers can expect a fresh new Internet booking experience when we introduce our enhanced website next year. More details will be announced later.


As agents had voted for you, what would you do to win more business from them?
We will definitely pay close attention to feedback from our agency partners, anticipate their needs and further nurture our longstanding partnership. 


If you have one burning message for travel agents, what would that be?
SilkAir appreciates and needs the support of our agents. We are here to work with them to continue on our win-win partnership and deliver value to our customers. 


How did you go about celebrating the win ?
We recognize that we would not have won this award without the strong support of our customers. Therefore, it is only fitting that we celebrate this win by continuing to deliver good value and service to them. As part of our commitment to products and service, we have just begun retrofitting the cabins of our aircrafts with our latest cabin product. This cabin retrofit exercise is expected to be completed by October next year. 


Credits to Mr Chin Yau Seng, Former CEO, SilkAir