SilkAir 2013


What is the one most important decision you have made to your business this year, in view of the competitive environment today?

SilkAir has taken further steps to align its sales and operations with its parent company Singapore Airline. This creates synergy between the two carriers, and has allowed SilkAir to reach new heights this year.


Our cooperation with Singapore Airlines is multifaceted. It includes aligning the direction of our sales and marketing teams to promote the Singapore Airlines and SilkAir networks as one, and ensuring our backend systems are integrated to allow passengers seamless transfers between both airlines.


This raises the overall competitiveness of SilkAir and Singapore Airlines, as we leverage on each other’s strengths and face the competition head on.

What is your goal for 2014?

2014 is an exciting year for us. We will continue expanding our footprint around Asia by stepping up frequencies on selected destinations and launching flights to new destinations. More importantly, 2014 marks SilkAir’s 25th anniversary, and the start of our fleet transition from Airbus aircraft to Boeing aircraft.


What must travel experts do to be even more valuable to you?

Travel experts are key to our sales and distribution network, and account for a significant portion of our sales in many markets. They should continue to innovate, and offer new and exciting itineraries to consumers to spur their demand for travel.


Many SilkAir destinations are off the beaten track, and travel experts play an important role in developing awareness to these places.


Picture: Mr Goh Boon Hwee, Vice President - Operations, SilkAir